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08 April 2006



i had a feeling she was pissed! pretty sure BoBo didn't think much of his first encounter with hail...he was none too pleased to be out there...i think his feelings are hurt at mother nature.

great pics, post, and quote

love you


Nice pictures! (as usual :) )I hope Bobo's okay!, I felt like having some fun (which means getting my head out of the computer :P ), so I went to swim...and again...'raindrops keep falling on my head' :P...

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week! :)


yah, sometimes that weather sucks. we have sucky weather too and sometimes we get soaked to the skin when we go to day care, like yesterday, when our mom was workin' and we were playin' in the rain! but you guys are so cute and you have so much hair? doesn't your mom ever torture you and send you to the groomers? do you get hot in the summer?

we would love to play in your yard with you. we don't have a yard, only a brick covered poop place. what's a dignified dog to do? we don't know! we're not too dignified!


I often think life as a dog would rock, so long as I had a nifty owner like you.

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