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13 April 2006



i got something for you to blog about, sophie. mommy got tagged! hop to it, puppy!


laughing out loud which is good because this has not been a laughing sort of day overall...good news is I'm packing it in and coming home soon!

I see you've been tagged which means you're it!

Love you.



Your blog is one of the funny and interesting things help me from being bored in the library :P (yeah, I'm back to the boring place again, after..1 day of being free!)

As for your question (will I want to go there and make an honest person out of 'the boy'?) Well...I would like to visit you and your family...but not for other a)'the boy' has already got someone to make him out of 'the boy' :D and b) by the end of this month,I'm going to have a 'company' from's, I wonder if...hmmm.. you still want me to visit you? ;)


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

... you mean puppyTOES, right!?! {grin}


Oh, I'm never productive when I have time off. I laze around too, and I'm not even the cat.
Good commentary on American Idol--I've never gotten around to watching, but it's fun to read about:)
--and it's really wild that you had the contact dream, too. It's creepy.

mommy on the verge

This is Idol's worse season yet. Bucky? That Blondie chick? I only like Taylor Hicks and Paris! I FF through everyone else!


awwww, don't be so hard on your Self, it's okay to be a cute dog. Bailey and Baxter will still want to sniff your butt any day of the week!

Miz BoheMia

Oh, relax away and enjoy such lazy days so I can live them vicariously through you! Sleep... loafing around the house... my wildest fantasies (poor Loverboy! ;-P )...

As for American Idol, even though I do not watch it I do love reading about it here! As for Simon, I would love to join in on the punch fest with him... Ryan smiles way to friggin' much, the show producers need a good smack indeed as for the plastic people... well, I would be too scared of their faces ripping open so I think I will lay off them!


I think I need to start watching AI if only to be able to understand half the blog posts out there. Who says it's only middle American teenagers watching that show?


Don't be too hard on yourself... go to the spa, relax, get a massage or an ear scratching. You deserve it!


You have lots to say, and you say it well. I'm just catching up here. Blogger has not be kind to me of late.


Joy: thanks! (i think) : P

Joel: i'm "it" now, and you're "it"! xoxoxo

Jom: i love making you laugh! and you are ALWAYS welcome here--even tho' i think you'd make an excellent daughter-in-law (and i'd be your best-friend mom-in-law) you don't have to make an "honest man" out of the boy... altho' maybe with time you'll change your mind?? hope you have a beautiful visit with your "friend"! and a perfect weekend, too : D

Karen: you made me laugh out loud! and you're sooo right, puppyTOES make us happy!!: D

Actonbell: i'm not sure i'm ever productive...period! (sigh) and yeah--i actually feel better knowing i'm not the only one who's had that creepy dream... soooo weird! : )

Mommy on the Verge: thank the good lord bucky's finally off the show! i'm with ya on taylor, but doesn't paris kind of get on your nerves? i don't know, she's probably a terrific kid--and she can sing with the best of 'em, but something about her just annoys me. oh well... not much about this season that isn't annoying, come to think of it! : )

Schnoodlepooh: sophie & bobo would so love swapping butt-sniffs with your two guys! (sounds sick... but we know that's just what dogs do, right?) : P

Miz B: girlfriend! despite your yoga-leanings... i doubt you have many "sit still" moments! but laziness is sometimes an excellent thing--and something miss sophie is veryvery good at... we could all learn from the example she sets! : D

Mom101: trust me, the only reason the show's worth writing about is because it's so lame this year (it's the absence of much else that forces us to surrender to such shitty programming, in the first place!) but, yeah, based on who's still up there, i'm thinking more old folks watch the show than anyone else! : D

CJ: oh, sophie's all for the ear/belly scratching whenever she can get it! fortunately, we're always on hand to comply! : )

TLP: i know those blogger woes, girlfriend... and i feel your pain! sooooo sorry you've had to go through that... hopefully those blogger guys will get their act/shit together soon, and spare you anymore angst! : D

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