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24 April 2006



Now see...that was worth waiting for and brightened by blue Monday! You are the clever one you!

Love you.


now you're just being condesending.

xoxoxoxo : D


"You don't shit where you eat. And you really don't shit where I eat."

i'm gonna havta start watchin' ... sounds like my kinda lingo! :)


dah dah dah....skipping over the Soprano's review - haven't had the chance to watch it yet. :)

I'm back dear friend! The trip was great, and I sent many a virgin margarita toast your way. And I wanted to thank you for your wonderfully kind & sweet comment the other day. You always make me smile. :))))

My Spin

You know I am Italian and I have never watched The Sopranos, I suck don't I!!! And Jimmy smits - Well he's mine baby!!! And I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed when he died. He was always too good for that Diane -- stupid Jenny goody two shoes from All My Children!

And a special hug to you, thanks for the support about the post. I really do need to write about it, but God it's so painful. Blah!


I don't watch the Sopranos, but generally speaking any time a really popular tv show starts having a lot of "celebrity"'s a bad sign, I'm talkin' sleeps wit da fishes bad.


I was so bummed out by Sunday's Soprano's episode... I really wanted something to talk about. BORING BORING BORING.


Neva :) I'm free! yay! finally, the scary exam. is finished ^__^ (it's really true that by the end of the day, it just a set of papers!) Thank you so much for giving me big energy to get through it ^____^

I hope you have greatgreat week! ^___^


Karen: you'd have totally loved this show a few seasons back... it's been a little lame for the past two years (tho' the lingo is still fun!) still, when you're in the mood for good mafia storylines, it's hard to go wrong with The Godfather and/or The Godfather part 2, know what i mean! : D

Sar: yaaaaay! so glad you're back and soooo glad to know you had a fabulous time!! (sorry about the Sopranos "non-review"... after you see the episode i think you'll agree, i didn't give very much away! tee hee!) : D

My Spin: i didn't know you were Italian! i'm Italian by osmosis (through my step-dad). you'd have totally dug the show in the earlier seasons, but seriously? it's not been that great lately. we watch because we're losers... heh heh. no, i think we're just curious to see how it all ends, at this point!

as for the post you're hesitant to write? i think you need to make sure you want to put that out there... clearly it weighs on you, maybe writing will make you feel better. but, here's the thing: maybe it won't. it's a potential can of worms, girlfriend--and sometimes it's better not to let 'em out... sometimes, it's okay to let the past *stay* in the past, ya know? : D

TDB: yep you're right about the random celeb appearances...i'd definitely say this show is gettin' ready to don a pair of cement boots!

by the way, that last post of yours? hilarious!! : D

CJ: i was worried that you wouldn't agree with me today... soooo glad ya do! (i think it's probably a good thing the show is gettin' ready to say ciao...) : D

Jom: the boy told me your test went well! YAY!!! i'm soo happy/relieved for you (i never doubted it would be otherwise!) hope thes next few days of rest and relaxation are filled with fun and laughter... are you going to see your family? or just explore a bit more of england? (you could have come here, you know...)

whatever you're doing, enjoy, stay safe, and take a lot of pictures! and always remember, we love you, sweet Jom! : D

Miz BoheMia

Here I am! Late but I made it! I couldn't last night because I saw the Sopranos mentioned and thought I would watch it first (I watch everything with a one day delay as we download after it airs in the US... bad bohemians!)

Sopranos is just a mess so far... I am not too impressed! It may also be that I am so into 24 and Lost that their formats and fast-paced in your face style (which I love!) have desensitized me to the Sopranos!

You are a bloggin' dynamo my dear Neva! Lovin' your post and am so laughing at the quote of the day as it totally stood out to me when I watched the show!

Love my dear friend mucho!


*hugs* It's great to be back and in your lovely company again. :)

But I'm worried, no Puppytoes caption this week? *gasp!*

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