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25 April 2006



Very clever and sweet and I learned a couple of new things about you too - who woulda thunk it? You read Kabump in Oz three times in one day??? very impressive. You were quite the accomplished little girl...but then that's no surprise because you're such an amazing woman today.

Love you


you're too sweet... and freaking fast! i just got this post up! love you, too! xoxoxo

Miz BoheMia

I looooveeee learning new things about you Neva! Lord of the Rings are just amazing books! When the kids give me a breather I would love to read them again (because now I am reading the veryveryvery smart Dr. Terri's book and am wildly in love with it!)

I love to hear of the amazing relationship you have with your sister! How special and too bad you guys aren't geographically closer!

This is a segment I am sooo looking forward to and to learning more about the amazing woman that you are my friend!


awwe I hope Thea and Grace still like eachother when they are older!


well that's a bunch of interesting stuff about you. i like the momma-meme kind of thing. we are gonna start some all about meme things on our blog too. but we have to get over ourselves first. it's my birthday, you know!


a) wish i had a sister.
b) no wisdom teeth?? me TOO!


well...what's a girl to write while she wipes away pity snot and touched by an angel tears from her face??? she notes that you did not share the story of the time aforementioned impatient sister pushed you down a slide whereupon a nail embedded in said slide left its bloody signature along the length of your leg (in her defense she didn't know about the nail...). i miss you and love you, too.

My Spin

You are amazing, you had me at the ear piercing thing. I laughed myself silly. When I was 18 or 19, during my bad choices phase (You remember that post right?) A guy at a party said pierce my ear. We were drunk, so I iced his ear, found a earring stud, sterilized it and then just pierced it. It was so cool, I think I pierced have the guys in the room that night. I am a freak I say!


This was such fun and ever so informative.
We have a lot in common....I love the Lord of the Rings MizB I think I will read it again, right after I finish rereading the Harry Potter series I am on book 5 I know, I know I will cry all over again at the end of book 6.
Actually I don't have a sister....or a brother for that matter, unless you count my step brother that I have not seen in 35 years....who is trying to get a hold of me, I hear through the grapevine....hey there may be a blog there. I did have my wisdom teeth and they were all yanked out at the same time. And I never had a life size doll....why did I think we had so much in common? We do have MizB in common, Hawaii and Mexican Food.....I feel better now :)


Awww, I totally relate to the sisters being best friends. Until I got married (two years ago Monday!) I lived either WITH my sister or less than five minutes away. Now we're an hour and a half apart and it's killing me.

No more,"want to meet me in 5 mintutes for coffee?" dates.

Sigh... I love and miss my sis.


Miz B: thank you! and i'm soooo happy to know you're enjoying my sister's book! and, trust me, she's even more impressive in person! and no one's happier about the fact that you and i are friends, than *me* beautiful lady! you've brought more sunshine into my life since i've known you than you'd ever imagine! : D

CJ: i hope your girls are close, too! not all sisters get to be, but i'm sure glad my sis and i have the relationship we do! don't know how i'd have survived growing up without her! : D

Schnoodlepooh: first, and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEG!!! (i'm sorry you have to be as old as me, now... wait! no i'm not! tee hee!)

and i'll look forward to learning more and more about you... that last meme you did was sooo fun/informative (vegetarian, right? and a runner/hiker/walker? not to mention DOG lover!! we're a lot alike, you and i!) hope you had a perfect/wonderful/fabulous birthday! ^_^

Joy: i'm sorry you don't have a sister... but, hey! maybe you and i are related (what with our lack of wisdom teeth and all! besides, i AM part english...) : D

Sisite! yeah, well, we don't need to remember *everything* about our jaded past! (notice i didn't mention that trek through the field when we were 4 & 5 and we got stuck in the mud, either...*that* was a scary "quicksand" moment, right?) i lovelovelove you, sister, and am blessed to have you in my life! : D

My Spin: you and i are scarily alike! i wound up piercing many ears at cheerleading camp! it's amazing what a little ice can do for pain, right? (it's only a bitch when the ear thaws out!) : D

Mo'a: i think we have the things that *count* in common, my friend... the rest is just... silliness (except for my sister...she's anything *but*) i would imagine your warmth and kindness and artistic gifts have helped you attract many kindred spirits... besides, in the universe, we're all related, anyway, right? right! (hawaii, mexican food, and Miz B are excellent things to have in common, by the way!) : D

Risible Girl: i totally get that! it's really hard for me, because i'm on the east coast, and she lives in california (except right now, she and her husband are in new mexico). there's nothing like a sister... seems so silly, and yet, it's true! thanks for that lovely comment! : D

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