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03 April 2006



Poor's a hard knock life for him. Will be glad when he decides to change that. Have I mentioned lately that I hate Mondays? Well, I do. Go Dodgers, heh, they're currently losing 8-1...da bums.

love you


yeah--i keep thinking his karma's gonna change any day now!

as for the dodgers? well, as with the boy, they're gonna change any day now! besides, in case you haven't noticed, the season's just begun... i'm sure they'll play better tomorrow! (or the next day... or the next...)!

lovelovelove you! xoxox


Aww...wisdom teeth sounded so scary to me!!! Actually, I had mines (all 4, first week was for 2 on the right. Next week was for the left ones!!) pull out 2 weeks before I went to the UK. I can tell how suffering! I hope the pain will be gone from boy#2 soon!

And as for the starbucks guy...errr...I suggest your mommy should "accidentally" pour some hothothot espresso over his face next time she calls at starbucks...hee hee :D


Gigglin' my butt off here 'cause you sound jes like me as far as bein' protective of your children. I remember when daughter was that age & I wanted to beat the shit outa anyone who did her wrong... boy, can I relate! but you write a lot better description than I could... you outa submit your writings to Madison Ave, think they'd make a star outa ya. I know I'd buy your books!

Go Dodgers! I'll cheer 'em on with ya 'cause I know the Tigers will be poopie again.

btw, drizzly and cold here, too.


Send my get well wishes to boy number 2. I remember having mine out. It took about 2 days for me to feel “normal”. There’s even a picture with me holding two huge ice packs on either cheek…thanks to my mom the shutter bug. The problematic starbucks counter boy, has left me steaming too!


I just love your sassy attitude! Can't wait to get settled in the new place and do some sassin' of my own!


If he complains too much let him know that there is a chick in Minnesota who's jaw was accidently broken when they removed her wisdom teeth. It sucked... my face swoll up so bad my eyes were closed and my family just looked at me and laughed because it was JUST that funny. How nice. How very nice.... ahhh the memories. But thankfully, I had perkocete. I stayed iwth my grandma cause she needed something to do... she smashed up my pain pills and gave them to me 45 minutes before they were due so they over laped. Elenanor is a saint in her own way!! Hope he heals up soon. NO STRAWS!!

Next time that jerk fucks up your order you make him do it right AND they should give it to you free plus a coupon for your next drink free.... thats how it is supposed to be done so says green apron manual. Take advantage of that and make HIS life miserable. :) He isn't fit to wear the green Apron!! Really he isn't!

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