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19 April 2006



Let's just pretend I didn't read about the front door thingee, mkay? Jiminy Christmas Batman how tough is it for the boy to close the damn door? Is it his weakened state from too much lounging? Don't get me started...wait, too late...breath...let it go...breath...okay, feeling better...putting it out of my mind...there.

Spot on Idol assessment honey...same with House. The writers really need to shake things up a bit...getting a little old -predictable = boring = low ratings = find a new gig.

Great quote from HST...great biz we're in eh?

Love you


yeah, well, it pays the bills! (tv biz, that is)

actually, i think the boy had a bigger attack than i did (i'm not certain it wasn't veronica who didn't quite pull the door shut... but i'm not gonna point any fingers!) at least i realized what had happened before someone drove up to the house and/or bobo decided to find out, once and for all, what was one the other side of the fence! (aieeee!)

other than that, it's been a quiet day.

come home, honey! lovelovelove you!! xoxoxoxo


Sofie: Glad to hear that mommy gets quickly recovered from the attack! and that you, max and bobo are doing alright! (I know you guys would be happy sitting on the grass and grazing on the yard..hee hee hee...but, apparently mommy didn't feel so!...oh...and daddy as well!)

Neva: I keep reading what you told me to help getting rid of the nervousness ^__^ it really helps :) *thanks!* ^____^


mommy please help daddy find a new dentist before he loses all the rest of his teeth! lol!!

My Spin

I stopped watching Idol, I am disgusted. Mandisa was the girl I thought sang the best. Ace should be an underwear model. Not a singer. I just want Paula and Simon to fuck and get it over with forcryingoutloud!

I stopped watching House Long ago as well.

So what do you two do for a living? TV Critics?

My Spin

Oh GOSH a big PS: Boys!! Keep your mind on your puppies and not your girlfriends boobies!!! Whew I am glad you all were okay!


love the idol chat...and again, my apologies 'bout all of that. you know, if you'd swung your dial 'round to boston legal last night - or any other nite as it is often fairly clever and we are frequently amused - the episode was about the use/ overuse/repeated use of the word...'vagina'. then you could have continued on with your witty observances of all things genital on the telly. : ) (i'm thinkin' i could have promo'd the book in these vagina friendly airwaves). i love you!


Glad everything turned out fine for the babies. Trudie once went to the neighbors because a door was left open while I was at work. She reported she had a very nice day.

Miz BoheMia

Oh no! Bad things happening to vaginas are not good, NOT GOOD! What is it with these shows and their fear and/or degradation of vaginas? Dios mio! Perhaps we need a vaginal suport group going...

A blogger friend of mine said that the latest installment of Boston Legal reminded him of me... turns out there was much vagina talk... Between this and my post, I don't blame him and yes, hubby got an earful as to what I thought about the whole incident on BL! He sure is a good man!

Ooooh! Sexy car indeedy! There are quite a few of those here in crazy EspaƱa! For now we have a 320 station wagony model but them BMWs sure drive well. Brave you letting your child drive it! ;-)

And now to the most important thing of them all, I am soooo happy to hear the babies are all fine! I know that fear and panic all too well! I grew up with 5 cats and a dog and once the cleaning lady (after being instructed that THE most important rule in our house was to always shut the door) left the door wide open and the whole menagerie left! This happened in Seattle and out was I in the snow in my underwear and a t-shirt running like mad to catch everyone and bring them back home. I won the battle and the cleaning lady was gone...

Now I have two cats and similar events unfolded when my 3 infamous in-laws stayed here (for 34 days!!!! Shoot me!!!)...

Can you tell I miss "talking" to you? ;-) I just looooveee your blog world my friend!

Muchos besos,



I feel so clueless!!!Don't watch American Idol.....except that one episode when we had book club aka eating and drinking too much club....anyway the hostess is an Idol fan, she turned on.....actually her TV is always on.....her humongous fill the room and make you dizzy TV and all except me were dazled by Idol....I was trying to uncross my eyes in order to see what the big deal is...still don't get it....then again I am *gulp* can I say it? OK here goes *old* My other group of friends who happen to be about my age think I have to get my head out of the History Chanel and Bio Chanel Mysteries and get with the times and at least watch "24" now I need to find where the Fox Chanel is on my TV dial.
Great car.....I am humble car is a convertible Cabrio....actually all Cabrio's are convertible....the top goes down on the first warm day of spring, if it get's cold then I just put the heat on....I know what you are thinking "if it rains does she use an umbrella?".....well they do keep the rain of your head...... ;^)


Well, our twin lives had to end at some point, Neva. I *LOVED* the songs from AI. I love the American Songbook albums (what do we call them now that they're not albums?) that Rod Stewart has been making. LOVE LOVE LOVE those songs even though they're before my time.

Loved Katherine (but you're right- she is kind of a camera whore...) Chris? YUMMMY.

I do agree with you about drunk Paula. Sheesh- she's like a bad accident!

I'm sure glad my boys are not living with us (they're 23 and almost 25), otherwise I'm afraid they'd be borrowing "big daddy's" corvette. They'd have to fight ME for it though... ;) I always tell him that's why I married him. tee hee.


Jom: yep... all's well that ends well! as long as every puppy is accounted for, life is good! (the boy was as upset as's doubtful that's ever gonna happen again!)

when is that exam? pretty soon, right? let me know... and remember how much we love you and are keeping you in our thoughts/prayers!! : D

Karen: fortunately, joel now has a fantastic dentist! (it was in days gone by we could have used someone better!) : D

My Spin: we didn't watch Idol last year... my sister made me watch it this year (and i made joel...) i like chris. and taylor. and i loved mandisa! as for house? they're gonna have to do something different soon, or we won't be watching, either!

and, no, we're not critics, we just play critics in our blogs (altho' we *do* work in tv!) : D

SISTER!! yesssss! we need to update your book and get it back out there! lots of interest these days!! i'm guessing it would be very easy to get someone besides howard stern talkin' about it, as well! (jon stewart, perhaps?) let's talk!! i lovelovelove you, too!! xoxox

CJ: i'm glad trudie was okay... still, that's enough to cause a heart attack, right? (it was for me!) hee hee! : D

Miz B: see? you and my sister have mucho to hablar about! (vaginas notwithstanding!)

the cleaning lady only got fired? joel (who is most definitely NOT a violent man) would shoot our cleaning lady if she ever did that! (yikes!) as for the in-laws & open doors... i'm worried my parents will do the same thing when they come to visit (we're trying to get them to stay in a hotel for that very reason! how bad are we?)

as for my car? yeah--i really like it (can ya tell?) i used to drive an audi A4, which i adored, but after 8 years we decided to sell it. (it had a stick, too, which made it soooo much fun to drive). it just helps having something a little bigger with the 3 puppies, ya know? : D

Mo'a: darlin'... you've missed nothing by not watching AI! do you hear me? NOTHING!! the only reason we bother is because my sister made me watch it! and now we have to finish the stupid season! we used to watch "24", too, but no more. trust me, you're better off with the History Channel (i lovelovelove it!) or Biography Channel! (i love that they show a lot of old fun series on Bio...but that's just the nerd in me, i guess!)

and i love Cabrio's... such cutecutecute cars! (as long as it's cute/fun to drive, nothin' else matters, right?) : D

Risible Girl: wait!! don't break up with me, yet! i didn't mind the songs... and i adore rod stewart! i just didn't think the kids did the songs justice...(and i'm very concerned about next week--love songs coached by Andrea Bocelli? yeesh. he's so amazing... most of the contestants are not).

i'd never let the boys borrow my car if it was a sexy little corvette... the only reason i'll let my older son (who is also 25, by the way) drive my car is because he drives like a little old lady. seriously! : D

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