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27 April 2006



You're on fire!!! They should heed your wisdom cause you nailed it...I'm tellin you, unless they pay attention I will vote to pass on the whole shabang next go around. Seriously. Great quote...have to remember that one and use it sometime.

Love you


thanks honey! i just wrote about everything you and i have discussed... (as you know!) i love that quote, too... and it sure seemed to fit our feelings after watching idol last night! hee hee! ^__^

lovelovelove you... shouldn't you be home now?


How are you? ^__^

I'm talking to the boy. He told me you were going out for a walk with Bobo :) I just wanted to say 'Hi'. And hope you have a nice walk! ;)


By the way, I don't think the music video is that least, the dog family is cute!...lOl ^___^


hi sweet JOM! you're right, the actual video is cute... in truth, *all* the "videos" are! it's just that i think the producers are completely exploiting these kids -- not that they don't have a right to do that, but it really takes away from the contestants' credbility as serious performers. of course, that's just *my* opinion! (the little dog family was totally cute!)

are you resting? having fun? doing a little sight-seeing? all of the above?? well, i hope so, i know you've earned yourself a nice break, and i hope you're taking advantage of this time off and putting it to good use! (i *have* been missing you , tho', so i'm very happy to hear from you!) lots of love! ^__^


"bitch slap her myself"... nothin' better than a good bitch slappin' session, i'll go with ya!!


hey Karen! you're *on*!! (but let's try to stay out of trouble, shall we? tee hee!) : D


i almost was the first person to leave a comment but i had to leave my computer rather suddenly and then...bam...all these others crept in!! sheesh! i just wanted to say ABSOLUTELY F*#KING FABULOUS color commentary on the whole shebang thing! lovedlovedloved it! now...if only we could find an AI producer type who matters to forward it to!! : )


yes, my sister...we're either gonna have to hope for some new producer type, or i think joel is right, and it just may be time to say adios to idol, lock, stock, and paula! (not to worry, we'll always have rockstar to look forward to, so, y'know, *all* won't be lost!)

any other reality shows up your sleeve? or have you already got us hooked on 'em all! tee hee!!

i lovelovelove YOU sis!! : D

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! A bohemian goes to bed and misses out on so much action! Sounds like I am not missing much but I must say that Paula's nutty behavior is making news in these shores too! Well, we also get The Insider via an Arab Satellite channel (they may hate America but they have 3 channels devoted exclusively to American programming and we can pick it up here in Spain! And yeah, Oprah is HUGE! She is always on! Who'd a thunk they would put on a feminist?)... but I digress....

I am addicted to your sister's book Neva! I have been driving Loverboy nuts with facts about the penis... but now comes the vagina! Wooohoooo! I think he is going to tape my mouth shut soon!



Yeah! all above! :) Today I'm going to London to see my friend who's from Bangkok and on Sunday another friend will come from Boston. Next week, we are going to Edinburgh, Bath, and London. ^__^ I'd probably have my laptop with me :D I'll keep you intouch with my travelling stories (I'll hee hee ;)

Hope you have wonderful Friday and weekend! ^__^


and yet, and yet, you still watch... and for that we appplaud you. you watch so we don't have to.

keep it up!!!


Miz B: as you can tell, you've missed nothing! lots 'n lots of nothing! (that's sooo interesting about the arab satellite, tho'...and you're right: who'd have thunk it!)

i'm so glad you're enjoying my sister's book! i'm pretty sure you're gonna be blown away by the stuff you're just now starting to read (the last couple of chapters are a total hoot, to boot!) hee hee! : D

Jom: i am soooooo happy to know you're finally taking the time to enjoy yourself, young lady, and i'll look forward to reading about your travels and/or seeing pictures! thank you!! ^__^

Joy: and that's *exactly* why we watch this shit... so you don't have to!! (it's all my sister's fault, but don't tell her i said that, she feels guilty enough as it is!) congrats on that big race you ran and/or that big honor bestowed on your own bad pregnant self! you're one awesome pregnant/mommy/doctor/gal!!! : D

My Spin

I am Soooo glad Pickler is gone. Soo soo sooo glad. You have no idea how glad I am! And gosh Neva, you can say FUCK in your own diary. See? I said FUCK and the big guy upstairs didn't ground me, or hit me with a lightening bolt:)I want Taylor to sing a Joe Cocker song, that's his style, don't you think? I want Chris to sing something by Zepplin, or at least ZZ Top, I could see him do Free Bird, or Free Falling. I want Paula to just fuck Simon on the air and to GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY, or have them take her to rehab. And what the hell? Rosie O'Donell replacing Meredith Vieira, ugh ugh ugh!


My Spin: of *course* i can say FUCK on my blog... the only reason i haven't been actually spelling it out was to avoid being part of some weird google search! you know? like FUCK + puppy + blue eyeshadow... or mommy + FUCK + lasagna + vaginal ticks! but you're right... and from now on... google-searches be damned! FUCK YEAH!!

i'm glad kellie is gone, too... and taylor + joe cocker? FUCK YEAH!!! (hee hee!) : D

My Spin

Ooooh I'm tellin Joel you SAID FUCK!!! hahahahahah!

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