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29 April 2006



True faces of joy in our lives...they keep us smiling don't they? Great pictues of the dreaded Hawk too! I'm pretty sure in my next life coming back as a Tibetan Terrier would be quite a treat...especially if I could be spoiled like the Soph and Bo. Can't believe you had the energy to post today...I am void of such initiative.

Love you


it's not about the energy... it's about the joy! besides... you took so many great pictures, i felt compelled to show off your handiwork! (okay...since the only shots i took were of that dreaded hawk, i confess, i just wanted an excuse to show those off, too! hee hee!) : D

love YOU!! xoxox

Busy Mom

Whew, for a minute there, I thought you were going to say that one of these happened:

Miz BoheMia

Beautiful pics, both of you, and beautiful day too! YAY! Enjoy your weekend!

My Spin

Those kids are absofreakinlutely gorgeous:) And yes,live for the moment, as we never know if we have tomorrow.


i love the faces of joy! perfect! our furry friends can teach us a lot about life if we would pay attention more. nice post. beautiful pics, as usual!!!


I can't believe you got that Hawk in mid-flight...totally cool.

love you


What was the hawk thinking, buzzing bobo?! I'd be scared too. That said, the picture of the hawk is great!

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