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07 April 2006



So glad the dogs are boys, but do girl dogs have those vee-jay thingies??? Well, as a human, I know I'm going to be real careful not to put any onions there or hard boiled eggs or vacuum cleaners or t-shirts or aerosol cans or sandwiches or just Nothin'!


Hilarious and yet informative. Great post honey...makes me even happier that I don't have one of them thar va jay jay thingies.


hahaha...did the same thing you did the other day...didn't notice you were signed in. Sorry!

Love you


Lordamercy, after reading that all I can say is OUCH! and WHY?! *shudder*

Puppytoes/Neva, thank you so much for your fun comments and sweet birthday wishes. You made it extra special and I really appreciate it!


"yet were fished out of--a woman's va-jayjay ...
set of false teeth"

oh, my, my, my, the thoughts that are goin' through my mind...

oh, my, my, myyyyyyyyyyyy...

Miz BoheMia

Oh my! I missed much vagina talk and what talk it has been! Makes me shudder to think of the kinds of people out there! My god!

Vaginas must be revered! Keep icky things out of it!

This bohemian is in a tizzy!


EEEK!!! The aresol cap just bugs me. I am so glad I am not vaginal forgien object remover... I'd hate that job in the ER.


OK, that's pretty ummmm, ICK!!!

I have a story about something that didn't belong in a nose...


Sar: happy day *after* your birthday, sista/girlfriend! and, yeah, why-oh-why... indeed? (regarding things removed from the v) : D

Karen: kind of boggles the mind, huh? like i said, people are stupid...some more than others! (or maybe they're just careless, but still...ewwww) : D

Miz B: yes, girlfriend, we've been chattin' up the big V... okay, *i've* been chattin' it up, but in a curious/hopefully interesting way! (i blame it on that disturbing episode of house!) : P

cj: i'm with you, girl! foreign object remover in an er is a job i'm sure *no* one volunteers for! (for a really great story, click on to risible's link below your comment... hilarious and yet, horrifying!) ; D

Risible Girl: oh. my. god. it's so dang funny! and yet... oh. my. god. actually, our son (boy #2, again) got something stuck in his ear that caused an infection, but that was only in there for a couple of weeks, and it was just a wadded up napkin, and... well... oh. my. god. but, in response to the question you posed on that post: no, it did not make you a bad mommy. it makes your husband a bad daddy! (just kidding!) thanks for sharing! that was totally great/entertaining (in a "gosh i'm glad that didn't happen to me/my kid kind of way)!! : D

My Spin

Sadly, in my career span, I think I have pulled out one or two of those items that have come through the emergency room out of various "Va...." If ya know when I mean Vern:)

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