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14 April 2006



Making out with Chuck Barris? Pretty sure I didn't hear that part of the story when first told! I knew you had become oddly fascinated with Knott's Landing but all five seasons?? Ya think you know someone...oh well, love you anyway and besides, you made me laugh.


if i can make you laugh, honey, i've done my job! and for that, i'm happy! (by the way...i'm sure i told you about chuck... you probably just blocked it out of your mind--and who could blame you?)

lovelovelove you, too!!!



Oh boy! Now is my chance to brag big (or not). Check out poodle city soon for six oh so revealing facts.


oh how fun, i've never been *tagged* before... kEwL!!

After daughter leaves from Easter visit, i will put all efforts into it... stay tuned...!!!

My Spin

Oh come on -- you have GOT to share the details about Chuck Barris, and hey wait Tom Selleck was MY boyfriend, that two timing son of a...

My Spin

Oh and I paid my brother 5 bucks to pee on an electric fence. Best ass whoopin I ever got! I think you and I are separated at birth:) muhahahahahha


You had me fooled. I didn't realize you had done a Meme, right up until you tagged me! Dang, girl! There's so much worthless information about me just lyin' around here...

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! I got tagged once for 5 weird things about me but I guess this wording being different does not allow me to recycle that previous one... hmmmm.... Can I get any weirder? I will have to see!

Will have it up as my next post fo sho! Just what I needed to lighten up the mood at my blog! Mon Dieu! ;-P

Loved getting to know those facts about you!!! Give us more! :-)

Miz BoheMia

As for the tag... DONE!


It's sooooo fun! :)another great blog!...;)

By the way, I think mommy must be very beautiful ;) she was a cheer leader! (I asked boy#1 and he said 'yeah, people say mom is pretty' ;) )

Have a nice weekend! ^__^


Hey Jom...I can definitely confirm that "mommy" is gorgeous!



Schnoodlepooh: i'm waiting with bated breath! (whatever that means...tee hee!) : D

Karen: 1st things 1st! enjoy your visit with your daughter! we'll all look forward to reading your "meme" whenever you're ready for us to! : D

My Spin: howdy, new girlfriend/long-lost-sister! i'll share the chuck barris story eventually--i think i should have mentioned the fact that i did *not* get gonged... tho' i did lose to a lady with chop-sticks in her hair... nevertheless, i actually got paid for my performance, so i wasn't too bitter! : D

TLP: not only did you rise to the challenge... you've already got your very entertaining post up! *say* you're sick, but you don't *write* like a gal compromised by medication! (feel better, okay?) : D

Miz B: i am completely humbled by the post you did in response to this silly challenge in conjunction with the other meme you had to do! not only are you a fabulous bohemian, you are a generous and gifted one, as well! all i can say is "wow". i am in awe of you... ^_^

Jom: flattery will get you everywhere! tee hee! (guess the "boy" scores a point or two with mommy on that one!) thank you for your kind words! : D

Honey: see above--and meet me upstairs! xoxox ; D


Done! :)


Aw, you're too considerate. For you anything, so keep me on your short list for the future.

Sending warm tropical relaxation your way! :)


ok, i am now waiting in trepidation for the gong show story--that one's GOT to beat them all!!! SPILL!

totally with you on Knotts Landing--I was an addict myself for a while--and it really wasn't too bad was it?? I seem to remember it dealing with single parenting, and even some gay themes. beautiful single parents, and gorgeous gays, but the issues were kind of there nonetheless..

speaking of gay--what did you think of sopranoes? poor veto's going to get whacked, just when he discovered his inner antiques-hunter....:(

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