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28 April 2006



God bless Wing and the horrible Chinese singer...ironically they end up entertaining us in spite of their lack of vocal talent and that's the name of the game right? More than I can say for the Idol stiffs this season...Wing and HCS make me laugh...Idol makes me sleep. In fact, now that I think about it, I'd watch either one of these two over the last three performance episodes of Idol any day of the week. You know there's a show idea there...somewhere...develop it and we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!!

Love you


initially, i was feeing really sorry/embarrassed because i'm not as verbose as you are on any given day--which means i have to resort to such cheap tactics just to make ya laugh!

but *now*...i think you're on to something, honey! and, since you've got the contacts, i'll work up tht treatment! then you get me a meeting, green's the light, bob's yer uncle, and we're dining on easy street this time next year! (oh, if only it were so easy...sadly, experience tells us it's not...sigh) oh well! i love you and you love me and it's the weekend, so, you know... rah!

lovelovelove you!


"agonizing over a few well chosen worms"

been there, done that! :)


Ha ha ha I saw that south park episode. I had forgotten how great she was! (in her own right) I have a coworker who has a "CD" she is shopping around to music exec's. I havent had the heart to tell her it sounds like barn cats in heat. :) EEK! What is music to one makes others ears bleed.


"greens the light and bob's your uncle"

I'm pretty sure that goes straight to the blog writing hall of fame...good turn babe!

love you


Lady, you are one funny dudette.


Has that verifier always been there????

I've made comments before, and don't remember that step.

Miz BoheMia

I could have sworn I had left a comment! I must be more out of it than I thought! You are one funny lady and this was a great start to my weekend... horrible Chinese singers and all!

Have a great weekend dear Neva!!!!!


Karen: that post you put up yesterday had me in stitches... it's hard for me to believe you *ever* struggle for worms, my friend! : D

CJ: i'm so glad *someone* else saw that episode (joel doesn't remember it) i thought it was so dang funny, and that was before i knew that character was based on an actual person! tee hee! don't know what to tell you about your co-worker...since starbuck's is big on CDs these days, i'm guessing she's hoping to catch some exec's ear in order to be played in your store, right? all i can say is aieeeee! (maybe you should tell her the truth before you all face potential inner ear injury!) : P

honey-bunny: every once in awhile, i get lucky! (if only i had your gift, that would be more often!) lovelovelove you!! xoxoxo

TLP: dunno what the deal is with that verifier, sometimes it just pops up! sorry...

as for ME being funny?? go back and read your last two amazing/wonderful posts, girlfriend... you're no slouch! (but thanks for the means more than you can know!) : D

Miz B: after reading *your* recent posts, i am most humbled to have you even bother with my silliness... you *do* inspire me to want to write more detailed posts of... well... i don't know what, exactly, but *something*!! having you in my life is such a treat... knowing i can call you "friend" is not just a gift... it's a genuine honor! thank *you* : D


you have something witty to say even when you have nothing to say! you always brighten my day, you fiesty little whoeveryouare!


This is NOT exclusively a Chinese thing -- here in Thailand, tone-deaf people seem to thrive in the music industry. -- Jess.


Oh my goodness, WING! I've sent her songs to my sis while she's at work, hoping that her boss will hear it.

tee. heeee.

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