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21 April 2006



hehehehe...Sophie is one funny pup! And cute too! I love you babe...thanks for the link to...glad it's Friday.

Miz BoheMia

*GASP* Would anyone pop in and NOT say hi to YOU? Slap me silly!

I was there just a bit ago and loooveeed getting to know more about you guys! Beautiful love story my dear!

And how could anyone ever hate you? THAT is plain sinful and would make this bohemian wanna kick some ass! Oh yes!

My Spin

You are married to one of a kind my dear:)


WoW...both of you are sooo...sweet ^__^ (I believe this is the kind of 'love' everyone's looking for ^____^)...sooo...happy (and impressed too!) to read your story (on Joel's blog)

Have a wonderful weekend! (^__^)/


Awwww.... there's nothing as cool as true puppy love!


Honey: thank YOU for the beautiful post/inspiration! as in life, where would i be without you? (since i'll never be without you, i'll never know!) lovelovelove youyouyou!!! xoxoxox

Miz B: you're toooo sweet! and thank you!(for stopping by/the compliment/the comment!) : D

My Spin: don't think i don't know that! i am blessed... truly : D

Jom: we are lucky and blessed, and i agree... we have what everyone is looking for! ^_^

Schnoodlepooh: *true* puppy love is a true blessing! thank you! : D

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