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06 April 2006



I'm thinking the stylist on Idol may be Mugatu from Zoolander because they're all looking pretty "derelicte."

love you


laughing out loud at that one, honey... wish i'd thought of it! (seriously, that syrup has honed your humor skills... which is kind of scary! cuz you're already a funnyfunny man!) tee hee!!

lovelovelove you, too!


yes. that outfit has to be reason. truly foul. very tragic.


"I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to." ~ Elvis Presley


they don't make 'em like they used to.

The Village Idiot

Hello There Puppytoes!

Yes, now you know, it was all caused by a blow to the head.

Thanks for stopping by.

And I don't care who you are, no one would look good in that outfit!!


So I decided to click on the link to SEE that outfit and let me just say - OMG? How could you go out of the dressing room like that? Look, no woman on earth thinks their ass is small - this is like an ass magnifiying glass! Someone should be fired. That is just cruel.


Joy: yep. foul. and wrong. personally, i think she was sabotaged... how else to explain such horrific fashion-don'ts? one one body? in one night? those stylists (if that's who they really are) should be ashamed.

Karen: we'd like to think they don't make 'em like elvis anymore... but have ya ever been to vegas? still... he was the *real* deal, right? damn straight!

Village Idiot: howdy! and thanks for stoppin' by! and you are oh-so-correct, sir, sharon stone sans undies couldn't make that get-up look good! (i'm repeating myself here, but it was sooooo wrong to send that poor girl out on a stage--in front of cameras--thusly attired. wrong, i tell you, wrong!)

cj: i agree...those stylists should be fired. then shot. (not that i routinely advocate shooting anyone, mind ya, but really, something has to be done to insure these so-called "stylists" don't get the chance to do that to any other unsuspecting soul.) by the way, hope you're feeling better! : )


I just don't understand fashion. Guess I must be "old".


schnoodlepooh: i'm pretty sure that particular ensemble is *not* considered fashion in any sense of the word... cuz if it is, then i don't get it either, which means, i guess, we're both gettin' "old"! (heck, even if we are, do we care?? no. we do not!!) : D

David Levasseur

That outfit really put the Man in Mandisa. Like whoa Man! She was a very class act, talented singer and i didn't see that one coming either.

Miz BoheMia

*sigh* I am in crazy Spain so no American Idol for me... although I didn't watch it back in SF either... I only like the beginning of the show when all the crazy people show up! *GASPETY GASP*

So just dropping by to say hi!

And as for the outfit... DIOS MIO!!!


I think I need to make a banner for my site-

Bucky and Paris MUST.GO!


(but I'm sorry to say, I do like Katherine- and, sigh, I *LOVE* Chris!)

mommy on the verge

*SIGH* Husband DID comment on Mandissa's rather large frame this week..and I actually agreed she was not looking her best. Yes, WHO is voting for Bucky? I actually like Paris!!!

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