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30 April 2006



Great advice from Buddha and expertly conveyed by the Dalai BoBo...his eyes say it all for he is truly a master with much life experience. We are fortunate to have him in our midst.

Love you!!


indeed...and, ya know, he never gets headaches, so that advice has got to be good for something! tee hee!!

lovelovelove YOU!!


That is one beautiful dog!

Miz BoheMia

What I cannot get is when they say the universe is forever growing... into what? So there is a limit? And what is that "limit" on? I guess if you imagine us within another dimension, within another dimension, etc.... it would make more sense. I would really love to sit down with an expert and ask all these questions because...

dammit! I didn't follow Buddha's advice and now my head does hurt!

I bet you Dalai Bobo knows! *sigh* Will we ever be told the truth?


Since Dog is God spelled backwards - do you think there is a connection? I mean, the dog is wise!


If dogs could speak English this sweet pea would be saying: "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!" What a darling puppy!


well said, dali bobo.


TLP: thank you for your kind comment! we happen to think bobo's pretty special, too! : D

Miz B: we'll never be told the truth because we already know the truth, we just don't know that we know it! at least i think that's how it works... : D

CJ: i have no doubt! i *do* know this... bobo is very zen--which is what i try to convey each week, in my own way! : D

MY Spin: yep! he's every bit as special in "person" as he seems... that is, assuming he seems "special", which, of course, i think/hope he does! (i have no idea what i just said--hopefully you do and you can explain it all to me, later!) : D

Schnoodlepooh: the dalai bobo thanks you! : D


Life is so simple... feed me and play with me; we all need to learn a lesson here. :)


Karen: it's true! folks spend waaaay too much time trying to make everything so complicated, when keeping it "simple" is the truer path to inner peace! joel & i have decided that when we come back (assuming that's something that happens) we both want to be like bobo! of course, i'm guessin' one has to "earn" a life like that, so, now that i think of it, guess i'd better start makin' a few changes about the way i'm living this life! : D

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