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23 April 2006



You do have the most beautiful photos of your dogs on your site! You must brush them a lot. They are absolutely gorgeous. Oh yes, I like the quote also. Wise man, that budda.


Yes you do have beautiful photos on your site...who is your photographer? He/she is incredible? just kidding...the wise and beautiful BoBo strikes again! I must remember his advice.

Love you

Sam I am

I just love the new you!!!
And what a AWESOME picture

Jom cute!!! Bobo is soooo precious ^___^ I lovelovelove the picture! :)

Thank you sooo...much for your words ^___^ I'll keep them in my mind. Neva, you are so nice to me...thank you...thank you!.I really appreciated this ^___^ *Bigbig Hug* ^_____^ Love you! :)


Adorable picture and great advice for taking a test.


OK, that photo is SO CUTE!! And so dalai too! :)

Miz BoheMia

That definitely is a beautiful photo and the subject sure knows how to pose! And I do agree with Joel, great photographer! ;-P

Neva, thank you for your beautiful-over-the-top-blow-me-away words over at my place... 'tis you who is amazing! I am just blown away by you and this great life force that you are!

PS... I think you haven't checked your email! I wrote you a little while ago and sent you pics b4 I hit Shayna's! Hope you like and I can't wait to hear from you (when you have the time, that is!!!!) Have a great, great week!


Oh!!! how beautiful. I wish you lived in my neighborhood. It sure would be fun to mess this fur with your face:)
I will wait to look up to the sky until the sun shines Joel I am affraid of drowning in the rain....I love the rain but....enough, Thank you.


"a test is just a piece of paper sprinkled with questions. nothing more"...

GREAT ADVICE! ...wish I'd thought of it like that way back when.

♥{hugs to you and BoBo}♥


I love the picture. Do you have many picture frames filled in your house of your lovely babies? Maybe I'll try and get a picture of Trudie for my site today. we'll have to see. :)

My Spin

Your dogs make me happy:)Your writing makes me smile:)


Schnoodlepooh: wish i could take credit for all the gorgeous pictures, but the best ones are usually taken by joel! however, i do bruch 'em a lot... oh how i brush them! (i'm sure you know this drill, considering how gorgeous your own boys are!) : D

Honey: you mock me, and yet i love you! xoxoxo

Sam: thanks! i always love your pics, too! : D

Jom: i love you too, and i'm glad you liked the quote--i just wanted you to remember that not to lose your perspective about the whole process of "finals". (they seem like they can mean the end of life, as we know it, but that's just not true!) : D

Jan: thanks!

Risible: yep! bobo's definitely dalai! (that's why i like to feature him with a quote each week!) hope you're feeling better!! : D

Miz B: it's hard *not* to praise you--your beauty, your spirit...and your *own* powerful life force...

and i re-checked my e-mail and cannot find the note you sent...waaaah! were you going to come here, too??? WAAAAAAH!! (it would have been soooo nice to meet/hang out!) : D

Mo'a: not sure where in jersey you are, but you're welcome to mess up bobo's hair with your face any day, girlfriend! (he is the consumate cuddle boy!) ; D

Karen: thanks! and hugs right back at ya! (if i knew how to make those little hearts, i *would*!! you know all this cool/fun computer stuff--someday you're gonna have to teach me how to do some of these things!) : D

CJ: thanks to the computer, we do *not* have framed pics all over the house! (i will say this, tho', we have more pictures of our puppies our than we ever did of our kids...not sure what that says about us... yikes!) : D

My Spin: they make me happy, too... and, for the record, your writing *always* makes me smile as well! (i just wish my comments would go through... grrrr!) thank you! : D

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