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16 April 2006



Is that a face? I believe he may just be Buddha could happen.

Love you...Happy Easter

Miz BoheMia

So sweet!

As for the quote... I loves me my buddhism... I have much to learn and though I understand and feel that I have a loooong way to go where I can actually live it constantly and consistently! Oh my!


Awww..I love the face! and the precious qoute as well! ^__^

I'll keep the face to remind me not to be lazy and lose concentration on my study for the coming exam. :D

Dalai Bobo, the lazy-and-always-sleepy-Jom watchdog!...hee hee hee

Have a wonderful week! ^__^



HOW CCCCCUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEE!! those impartial eyes...and when ya can see the whites of their eyes, yer in big trubble with succumbing to any demands. What would we do without our doggies; they are such a joy with the peace and tranquility they provide... woof, woof, slobber, slobber!

Hoppy Easter backacha!!


Okay, is this a real dog? Because I swear, one of the animatronic dogs on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney looks exactly like him...


Awwww, what a face. That's a great photo. And the quote - well, who can argue. You definitely have some excellent ones here.

BTW, you had better get over to poodle city and read my meme. I poured my guts out in that one.



I think you wrote your comment at the same time I was writing my comment. Too bad you're OLDER than me... hahahahahahaha ... just kidding... now that I'm old, it's just irresistable to kid people about being older or younger or stupider or smarter or .... well, you get the idea. It's also too bad you're so far away (wherever it is that you are) because I think we could probably maybe? be friends. Oh well, the online adventure contines - just don't take off and desert me. You know we moved over to moveable type to follow you because you went to typepad and blogger sucks!


That is a great picture. I love how thoughtful bobo looks. :)

I finished my six last night Neva!


I love the eyes:):)


I love the eyes:):)


honey: yep...that's why he's our precious "dalai bobo" lovelovelove you, too! xoxox

Miz B: as far as i can tell... you are well on the road to "truth" (we could *all* learn a lot from you, girlfriend...)

Jom: bobo is delighted to think he might inspire you to stay focused right now. but remember, bobo also wants you to have fun! ^_^

Karen: thank you! yep, he's a delicious puppy--that's why we love him so!

Mom101: i know the dog you're referring to! (lovelovelove that ride!) but bobo is, indeed, a real doggie, and as zen as i try to make him out to be... : D

Schnoodlepooh: your "6 things meme" was fantastic! (yes yes... i'm old. older than everyone. sigh) hope ya had an awesome easter!

CJ: your "6 things meme" was fabulous, too! holy smokes, girl, you've been through quite a lot for one so young! : D

My Spin: now you see why we suggested you get a tibetan terrier! they're such special puppies... bobo's eyes are really amazing--trust me, the picture doesn't do them justice! : D

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