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09 April 2006



Buddha and BoBo...a dynamic combination! Like you and me!
Love you


amen to that, sweetie, AMEN!!

lovelovelove you tooooooo!!!

Miz BoheMia

Such a simple idea yet so hard to master! Definitely one of my major lessons in life. However, having a blog sure has helped me with that!

Hope there is much improvement with the weather and that you have a great weekend!!!


You always provide 'your fans' with good thoughts! I mean living in such busy world can make us gone crazy without stop and think about simple things that very important for healthy living...

By the way, I believe a small 'think' of impressive past and wonderful future can also fuel the will to live a good present life (especially, when there are too many problems in one's present life!) ;)


Is this not the time to talk about all the sunshine and 55 degree weather we had??

I love the picture - what is bobo thinking?


your thought for the week & BoBo... PERFECT! :-)



The pose is absolutely perfect for the quote!

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