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02 April 2006



This is great! (Pink Bobo looks so beautiful!)I lovelovelove the picture!!

And yeah, totally agree with Buddha ^___^

Hope you have a wonderful week! :)


Ain't that the truth! Love you


Very true words. Dali Bobo is very wise.

Miz BoheMia

I love Buddha! Buddha is big in our house! My daughter could say Buddha before she could ever say mama and they both think every statue they ever see is of Buddha... all an influence of Tibetan Buddhist Monk friends of mine (and one of them a Rinpoche and personal student of HH the Dalai Lama)!!!

I love your doggie! So pretty!


jom: thank you! joel took this beautiful picture of bobo last fall and it's always been one of my favorites! hope you have a happyhappy week, too! (don't study too hard, you might hurt your brain!) : D

honey: yes, it is true... and don't we know that! (bobo has always been so wise!) love you, too!

schnoodlepooh: i'm happy to see you!!! yep, bobo is wise (when he's channeling buddha!) are you settled yet?? guess i'll have to pop over and get my "update"! (we miss you!!)

Miz B: the more i learn about you the more fascinating you are, girlfriend! (somehow i knew you were big on buddhism)

since you know tibetan monks, you might be surprised to know bobo & sophie are tibetan terriers (tho' they're not really "terriers" at all, and not part of the terrier family). they are actually considered "holy dogs" in tibet... the breed is estimated to be at least 2000 years old, but were not allowed outside of tibet until around the 1930-40's. in tibet they are also considerd "good luck" and they are referred to as "little children" (they have very sweet very childlike personalities) tibetan terriers really are a very special breed, and, in case ya couldn't tell, we adore the two we have! : D

Sam I am

Dogs are miracles with paws. ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy
Came your way by way of Spirit,You have an AWESOME blog. Thank you for sharing.


oh my goodness, you never cease to amaze me with your adorable pics of the *cutie pies*!


Great picture!!! Such a handsome bobo!

mommy on the verge

soooooo cute! my doggie loves your doggie photos!

Jack Attack

What a beautiful picture! Nice quote too! =D

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