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26 April 2006



Once again right on the money honey! American't Idol is so true...or maybe American Idolzzzzzzz, which is what I had to fight while watching. A complete and total bore. Who thinks it's fun making everybody sing slow draggy songs - Oh well, this will make it easier to, once again, kick this silly Idol habit once and for all!


spot on sistie. idol schmidol. maybe things will get better when they do mo' town. or not. again, my apologies about all of this.


You didn't mention the WARDROBE malfunction on Katherine! WE saw her panties!

Yup, she popped a button, but was very good at covering it up.

I kind of laughed, even though I really like her.

Nobody really rocked my socks except Elliot last night. That's a surprise for me because Elliot is someone that I have to close my eyes to listen to.

And Paula? She's like a bad accident. I wonder what she's going to do next to make us shudder....

Miz BoheMia

No American Idol here...

House... we are still on the previous season and have catching up to do although have not been too motivated as a)we have so many new shoes that roll in to watch (Lost, 24, Boston Legal, Huff, Spranos... my god! Is that too much? ;-) ) b) the basic skeleton to everything is always the same, which you have mentioned before (you go girl!) which is also the reason CSI never did it for me either...

Miz BoheMia

PS~ Do you guys watch Huff? It is brilliant and Hank Azaria is an amazing and surprising (because in the past he became known for soft-spoken or quirky characters) lead... Blythe Danner, Oliver Plat... excellent cast, brilliant screen and fantastic deliveries... Can you tell I like it? ;-)

Miz BoheMia

Ooops... that was supposed to be brilliant "script"... ok, ok, I am gone now!


Honey: idolzzzzz.... good one! cuz it's definitely been a bit of a snooze this season! lovelovelove you! xoxox

Sister: you're lucky i love you so much, otherwise i'd be very bitter about our viewing choices this year...tee hee! all we can hope for is that rockstar actually rocks, again! it's our only hope! lovelovelove you, too!! : D

Risible: ya know, i thought katharine's dress got more revealing as her song wore on... and you're soooo right about those panty lines--what's up with the cheesy jersey dresses they've been puttin' on these girls, anyway?
as for paula? she really *has* become pathetic, hasn't she? poor dear! : D

Miz B: we watch all that you watch (except for boston legal & lost--which, apparently, is our bad...) and YES! we *do* watch HUFF!! it got kind of depressing by the end of last season & this season started out the same way, but now it's gettin' pretty dang good, again! (fabulous cast--so we hope it *does* stick around!)

another fav we're looking forward to is Deadwood. it's not for everyone... but it *is* for us! : D


Well now I can come to the party.....I love Deadwood...go figure :) I did learn some new curse words through that show...although I don't have much occasion to use them and I learned tha f*ck used as every other word has a long what are the elders complaining about? Please tell me that you liked Carnival :)

My Spin

Katharine McPhee I thought did really well, and Simon apologized to her:) Nya nya! And yes Chrisssssss I loved Chrissss, and Kelly good bye girly! It was nice knowin you Miss Roboto!

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