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20 April 2006



Didn't know you were quite so fond of Ace my dear...hmmm. Well don't worry about too pretty prediction is he'll soon find a role on The OC or some other 20-something, angst ridden Fox drama...he'll also release a solo album of boy band type songs and appear on the cover of Tiger Beat (is that mag still around?) So, bottom line? Don't cry for Ace Sophie-tina.

Love you


me? overly fond of too too pretty-boy ace? gimme a break, honey, that is *so* not the case! (paula, on the other hand... whole different story!)

i totally agree with ya about his future, tho'... ace-baby's perfect for the OC or some such falderal... and, yeah--cover of "tiger beat"/"teen beat"/"whatever beat", fer sher! tee hee! : D

lovelovelove YOU and only YOU!! xoxoxoxoxo


Hee hee hee...I really like Mr. Towelie and his book -'a million little fiber' :D

And...totally agree with you about Ace's pretty face! ^__^

Your 'whatever beat cover' did saved me from being bored (of studying thing!) and brought me big smile (it'd definitely bring a big laugh if I'm not in library!) :D

Have a great day! (or/and


Jom: i will be soooo happy when you don't have to spend every waking moment in that darn library! (soon, right?) glad i could put a smile on your face, young lady--i thought you'd enjoy seeing what "ace" looked like... hee hee! (i'm still gonna have to share that link you gave me to the thai version of american idol--seriously? those kids were much better than the ones we've been watching lately (except for chris and taylor...)

don't forget to take a little time for yourself... and relax. you're going to do GREAT on that exam--i just know it! and, remember, we love you, sweet jom! have a fantastic evening! ^__^


'k... i finally answered my *tag* but jes remember, yer gonna havta bail me outa jail if i git caught!! {tee, hee}


I will have to dvr the episode of south park. I love South Park when I get a chance... Thea likes to try and watch it too... and thats not so good.

:) Poor Paula....


Yep, Oprah's talking, gun wielding orifices and a lisping, limp wristed Geraldo Rivera, made it an episode to remember.

Miz BoheMia

What is WRONG with these people???? WHAT do they do to those poor, mistreated vaginas? MY GOD! I am proud of my vagina and will care for it and never would the thought of a grenade up the vagina cross my mind!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, I did see that episode of Boston Legal and loved, loved, LOVED how the woman got the last word and men and society on the whole was made to be seen as pathetic... YAY David E. Kelley! Michelle Pfeiffer has good taste and a partner unafraid to say the "dreaded" V word... Luckily for me, bohemians are vagina friendly... ;-P

See what happens here when you say the word my dear? Oh my! ;-)

Though my children are too young, waaaay too young for South Park, my son (who is 3) would not be too happy of Oprah being made fun of as he is a big fan and my daughter would laugh her ass off as she loves anything to do with vaginas and/ or potty humour (not that vaginas are classes as potty humour but I would say that asses are!)...

Ok, ok... the bohemian will be quiet now! Hope you have a great day dear Neva! Many kisses to you my friend!!!

Miz BoheMia

Ugh... yes I am aware of all my spelling mistakes... forgive this bohemian!


It is decided....I shall look at TV vaciriously, through Neva's eyes....all other vacarious living shall be done through MizBohemia.
I can see that my live just gets better and better :)
I did watch "Gandhi" yesterday....boy!!!we could use a Ghandhi like person to stear us in the right direction.....I wonder what he would think of what is happening in the world now?


i cannot *believe* missed Oprah's vagina AND her anus (talking like a scotts man). GENIUS!

i think "vagina" is a recurrent theme for puppytoes. perhaps your tag line should be "think inside the box" or somesuch;-)


Neva: Yeah, the exam is on this (very-close) coming Monday!. After that I'll be travelling for a week and then...guess that I have to turn back to this boring place start working on my dissertation. The course will finish on 1st September (my dissertation deadline) and then...I'll be free! (from study!) and then I have to look for a job and keep following my 'life plan'... that's it! ^__^

Have a happy afternoon and night! ^___^

My Spin

I am so glad ACE is gone! He's a great model but a singer, blech. I am thinking that the little pickle will win it, or baldy daltry, or perhaps spastic taylor:) At any rate, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FREAKING VISUAL of Oprah's VAGINA and ASSHOLE! AIEEEEEEE!!!! "LA LA LA LA LA I am NOT LISTENING!"
Have a super weekend, I am headed off to the master gardeders sale:) Heirloom tomatoes are calling xxoxo


Karen: loveloveloooooved your meme, you rowdy girl, you! too fun... and too bad we didn't know each other growing up! (or, maybe that's a good thing... hee hee!) : D

CJ: the south park episode is beyond funny/outrageous! but no... thea must NOT see it! (animation does *not* necessarily a good kids' show make!) ; D

TDB: oh yeah--i didn't want to make the post any longer, so i didn't mention geraldo... but that depiction was golden! (he's such a doof) p.s. you last two posts were pretty dang funny... i'm thinkin' you could have a career writing such stuff! (or, do you, already?): D

Miz B: i know! what's up with all the vagina talk, anyway? you and my sister saw/enjoyed that episode of boston proper (it's the one show joel and i haven't been watching--but should!) your son loves oprah? hmmmmm. and shoes?? hmmmmm. just kidding! oprah does many wonderful/amazing things...(tho' the gun in her vagina was still pretty dang funny!)

hugs and kisses right back to ya, sister/girlfriend! ^__^

Mo'a: i know what ya mean... i live vicariously through the fabulous Miz B, too! don't change your tv habits--trust me, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and we waste waaay too many brain cells on a whole lotta crap! ghandi would be dismayed and, perhaps a bit amused. (i don't think he was big on wasting brain cells, either!) : D

Joy: HAHAHAHAHAHA! "think inside the box", *best* line ever! (can't wait to share that one with my sister!)

your little one can't be watching shows like south park--tho' i'm thinking you'd totally enjoy it! (or, if you're already a fan, then... good! and you can catch that episode again this weekend! i highly recommend it!) : D

Jom: okay, so now we have a bit of a timeline to focus on... which is good! where will you be traveling? (are you going home? or just around?)

lots and lots and lots of good thoughts & love coming your way right now... just remember, the end is in sight! you CAN DO this... and you WILL!! ^__^

My Spin: yup, ace was gettin' to be a little much for us, as well. as joel says, ace'll wind up on the OC or some such show, and probably land a job with calvin klein (he could sell those undies, that's for sure!) oh, and, trust me, girlfriend--you would have laughed your own fine ass off at that episode of south park! it was funnyfunnyfunny!

gardening sale?? i'm so jealous!! (even tho' we only do containers... it still counts, right?) have a fabulous weeked, too! : D

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