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31 March 2006



I know your pain! I think the "flat D" apparatus may warrant consideration. What is your buddy Dave B. thinking linking to a game like that? You may need to leave him a nasty comment. Love you - glad, glad, glad it's Friday.


i *did* leave a nasty comment! (cuz i agree... what the hell was he thinking? tho' i actually think judi's the one who put up the post!)

hooray for friday!!! (come home early... so we can get an early start on the weekend! you owe me!)

lovelovelove you, too!


We just want to know what Mr Max, the incredible farting dog, had for dinner!


That Puppytoes is responsible for soem of the most clever writing I've read today. And the Vonnegut quote perfectly compliments your post!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)


This is the funniest post! :) I love love love it!

I'm in the library at the moment...and 5 minutes ago, while I was reading your post, my friend came and asked 'why are you smiling?' (she looked at me as if I was loosing my mind because of the essays..LOL)...I was like...oh really? I didn't notice that! ^____^

Miz BoheMia

Reminds me of my cats! They are ragdoll cats and for a chick who was raised by 5 cats never in my life have a met a couple that stink soooo badly as these two! MY GOD! They must be your dog's cat equivalents!

Jack Attack

haha! Stinky Max! =D Hope that gets better!

And as for the puppy game.. I've seen it before.... sick... =P


"he farts like a 457 pound sumo wrestler after consuming a huge bowl of aduki beans, brown rice, and broccoli, then sucking up a shit load of fugu sushi"...

hate it when that happens... ROTFLMAO!


schnoodlepooh: weiners (no, not really...) who knows what max eats when we're not looking? whatever it is, it usually wants out--in the *worst* way (oops... bad pun, sorry)!

sar: coming from you that's a great compliment, sister/girlfriend! and thanks for noticing the quote, too...i was really lucky to find it! i try to make my quotes relate to my posts... some days are better than others!

jom: if i can make you smile, i'm happy! i know you're going crazy with all your studies... do your friends know you're laughing at fart jokes? (not very high brow... don't tell your mom!)

Miz B: we totally know about stinky cats! (fuzzy-butt certainly qualifies). i'm gonna be really worried for you if max is your cats' equivalent, tho', cuz that's a whole lotta bad smell, girlfriend! (you're not giving them any of those quail eggs, are ya? tee hee)

jack: i wish i thought max would get better, but after 10 years i doubt it. we just try to make a point of sitting up-wind (or is it down-wind? i always get confused) hope you don't float this kind of "stink" around your people...they won't stop loving you, but still...

karen: i'm still laughing after reading all the comments from your post yesterday! (but i'm glad the bean/rice/broccoli/fugu sushi eating wrestler put a smile on your face!) thanks!!

Miz BoheMia

Actually, Loverboy IS giving them the quail eggs! *GASPETY GASP* I am soooo not kidding! Since I won't touch them and neither is he, the cats get 'em and the weirdos like them! We are talking about cats who shun fresh fish and chicken and turkey that the hubby makes them! But the friggin' quail eggs? Yes, THAT they will eat! They are soo pretty but sooo stupid! Loverboy would kill me if he heard me call them stupid. He says they are simply very "loving and trusting". But hey, I know better! *wink, wink*


i'm worried about you! and maybe your cats... are you *sure* loverboy likes them? maybe he's playing a cruel cruel joke on you all... "here kitty kitty... nice kitty kitty... eat these quail eggs, kitty kitty...i'll teach you to cough up hairballs on the bed, kitty kitty!"...? kidding! i kid!! : D

you know, it's hard to tell if cats are stupid or just too stuck up to care what anyone thinks about them... (i've always wondered...)

i'm impressed your cats will eat the eggs, actually, our cat is soooo picky he'll only eat one kind of food (of course he's on a special diet these days, but in his youth he was very particular!) now our dogs are a different story... correction, *sophie* is a different story... cuz she'll try anything, once! : )

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