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25 March 2006




I really like your pictures! you guys looked sooo happy! (especially in good weather day :D)

I'm sorry to hear about this boring weekend..Actually we had a nice yesterday in Norwich ( as well [one of my friend's friend misunderstood between Norwich in the US and UK...she asked why we keep complaining about the weather in 'Norwich', because it seemed to be good according to the forcast :P].

By the way, yesterday was sunny, 10 Celsius degree!. know good time never stayed long :P ...there was a shower rain today morning :P I don't know what's wrong with our mother nature neither :P maybe she might pissed off humans activities that offencing her creations.

By the way, thanks for the lively, lovely pictures ^__^...just loveloveove them ;)


A great laugh on a gloomy day! Your creative juices obviously are not effected by the sun-less sky! Sophie's got quite the mouth for a little girl - where did she learn such worms?


weather sucks here, also... sigh

Miz BoheMia

The weather is great here but everyone's sick! If it isn't one thing it is another! *sigh*

Here's to much sunshine comin' your way!

I love the "spring has sprung a leak" part of it all! Classic I say, CLASSIC!


Spring is always so cruel! Here on minute, gone the next. Those are some cool doggie pics--I'm not sure what's goin' on in that second one...
Hope you had a good weekend:)

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