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25 March 2006



The life and times of our puppies three. I see a coffee table type book in our future...could be our ticket to fame and fortune??

Love you!


Guess what? :) I had a good weather here as well! :D and I think this week will be quite nice ;) Hope you have a wonderful week! ^__^

P.S. Sophie,I hope you don't mind I used 2 of your pictures for my today story.


Those are fun photos. It looks like you did have yourself some fun. The nap part too! That's the best part of fun is napping when your done with fun!

I like your sassy attitude! We're got to get some of that attitude going on over at our new place!


:) Isn't it funny how our pets nap with us. I always nap/sleep with Trudie she is always right next to the bed or sofa, or in it with me. Its gotten to the point I have a hard time sleeping away from home because I don't have the light snore of a cocker spaniel to listen to.

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