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20 March 2006



You put me to shame! That was great. That little Sophie has such a vivid imagination - who knew. As for Tom Cruise...please, please get over yourself because we're over you!
love you


i know... i'm sick of him (tom), too! remember when he was cute and fun and cool to watch? yeah... me too. good times.

and i do not put you to shame (but thanks for saying so, anyway!) you're sooo good and i'm sooo... not. sigh. oh well. i try.

lovelovelove you, too! xoxox


don't blame you for the move, blogger sucks lately! Thanks for stoppin' by my place & happy first day of spring! :-)



Guess what?? :D I just started making my 'own' blog...and you're one of my inspirations! so I just want to invite you to visit mine sometime ;)..

And do you mind if I make a link to your blog? :)


Sopranos: I don't think it was that bad of an episode, granted it wasn't the best either. The best parts for me was watching 'the guys' interaction with eachohter. I guess I am most interested in seeing where that all goes. I am wondering if Tony's demise will be because of his constant seeking of approval and love from his family. That would be quite ironic. Anyway, I love the show and am waiting to see what happens next - maybe this will be like a boulder that just needs a little push to get its momentum.

Tom Cruise is a 1st class fruit loop. I think Tom is makig his way into Michael Jackson territory - and he should be quite frightened. I firmly believe had Micheal Jackson had people surrounding him who said "no" and brought to his attention when he was doing something that he shouldn't be doing or was wrong that he wouldn't have become the freak of nature that he is. I think that once people have so much money, so many people surrounding them saying "yes" and "kissing their asses" 24/7/365 that they loose touch with reality.... and once you've been gone for so long you never come back. Tom is the latest victim of not having any boundries anymore in life. Tom... I think Tom left for the mothership years ago, and we will never see him again.


cj i totally agree with you about tom... bless his mis-guided little heart!

and i hope you're right about the sopranos... cuz it would be nice to think the show could build from this week's episode! we would be sooooo happy if it ended as well as it started out a few years ago. actually, joel and i thought the last episode 2 years ago (before it went on "hiatus") was perfect. not sure why they came back! but i do think the whole seeking family love/approval is what the dream/coma sequence is all about... whatever, we're in this thing to the bitter end!

oh, i also agree with you that the dynamics between the rest of tony's "family" has some interesting potential... guess we'll have to wait 'n see... : )


jom! what a treat! i'm so glad you're writing... i just went over to "visit" you... and i'll link to you as soon as i figure out how to do it! i think a lot of folks will enjoy getting to "know" you... who knows? you may discover all kinds of new and interesting friends in the blogosphere (at least i hope so!)

seriously, i think blogging is a brilliant way to document your time in england... maybe even provide inspiration to others interested in studying abroad but fearful of doing so. you go girl!

thanks for letting me know you're doing this--can't wait to read more! oh, and happyhappy 1st day of spring!! : )



Thank you so much for your visit! :)and for letting me use your pictures! ^__^

Happyhappy 1st day of spring to you too!

But...why it's today?? I have to adjust my clock again??...this is so confused!

By the way, it's great to'talk' to you :)

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! A juicy post indeed! I am SO glad to hear I wasn't the only one who did not like the latest installment of the Sopranos! The first thing I wondered when it was finally over was where on earth the writers were planning on going with the storyline? To do this so early in the show can equal digging your grave! They'd better work their way out of the hole soon!

Tom Cruise... I never liked him and am at least glad the world knows what a freakin' nutjob he is now! I read somewhere that he is against a woman having sex during her pregnancy although I would not know how true those reports are though as I already read it in one place and never came across it in the better entertainment sites...

Did you read Parker and Stone's press release? Brilliant!

Miss Puppytoes, this bohemian just loooooveeees you!

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