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27 March 2006



Aaaaaah, I haven't watched Soprano's yet! It's tivo'd since we just got back last night. So I'll be sure to come back and comment further after I've watched it, Puppytoes. Btw, you are most certainly not an outside on Belle, in fact you're officially a fellow contender! Hope Joel feels better soon.


have awakened from my nyquil induced coma long enough to read - great post hon...captured the soprano's episode perfectly...I feel like i'm seeing the world through a glaze of vaseline...must lie back down now...need more nyquil....arrrgh


I liked last nights episode too. I liked the ending of that dream sequence - not being able to take business inside.

I can't stand Vito and Bobby these days... god lord my 3 year old is more mature than the two of them. I am hoping that Vito is uncloseted this season - he needs some harassing.


i am also psyched by this season, and loving the surreal aspect to it. was almost bummed when i saw previews of next week, and tony so clearly knows who he is..

also loved the pitch of "cleaver." awesome stuff:)


cj: bobby's just a lost cause (especially now that he's married to janice) as for vito? it should be interesting to see if he does get out of his closet! i just thought the way he and paulie raced back to the hospital to give carm the money after they heard tony was awake was hilarious! i agree, the dream sequence was much more surreal/satisfying this week... especially the whole briefcase/can't take your work inside part before tony came out of his coma...

joy: how funny was that whole movie pitch? i couldn't figure out what what happening when they busted in on jt's class --but then, there was christopher forcing him to write that slasher script! and you're so right the title "cleaver" was beyond classic! this episode has us much more hopeful about the rest of the season...

honey: take more nyquil. go back to sleep. i'll make some tea. love you xox


oops sar!!! (i didn't forget ya) sorry i didn't include a "spoiler alert" at the top of the post (hopefully it didn't really spoil things for ya)... and thank you thank you thank you for allowing me "inside" your official ring o' brawls! i'll wear my gloves with pride and try to make my 2 cents' count! : D


Sophie (and mommy!)

I hope your daddy will be better soon!

Thanks a lot for leaving me such a nice and wonderful comments! ^__^ (your comments motivate me to put effort on my today's story!)

And please please please, feel free to use any of my pictures as well! I'd be appreciated you use them!

Take care of yourself (and daddy!)! and enjoy spring! ^__^

Jack Attack

Cute pics! Sad to hear your dad is all sick and SNOTTY. eww.. what a gross word. haha Get well soon! =D

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