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29 March 2006



For what it's worth...wish I was still lounging on the couch. Low on energy...fighting the flushed face, cold hands syndrome as we speak. You Idol analysis, once again, right on the money although I must say it was one of the worst overall Idol's we've ever witnessed...poor song choices...poor performances...helped me remember why we stopped watching it last season!

Counting the hours till I can come home...hope the car is ready in time, really don't feel like the train.

Love you


i say ditch the car, take the train and get yer ass home! the couch is awaitin'... so are bobo & sophie!! (they'll hang on to the car 'til tomorrow...)

and, yeah, idol was pretty dang boring/bad last night. maybe we won't need to watch any more episodes after all!

love you honey... xoxoxo

Jack Attack

I'm glad your dad is getting better! That mean more outside time! =D I also just wanted to let you know that I've added your new site to the links on mine. Hope you don't mind! ;)


I haven't watched Idol this season. You'll have to let me know when the do their annual worst of auditions compliation episode - that's my favorite! There's a guy from Richmond in the mix and the radio stations arrange weekly public viewings to support him. I don't remember his name though.

And I am so feeling the love between you & Joel - can I have some too? Smooches girlfriend! :)


So your not going to form a Micheael Brown fan club eh? I can't stand him either, but I do believe while he is still evil, vile, and repulsive human scum - he isn't the biggest in that tragedy, just one of them. I do admit I enjoy seeing him being beat on. I guess I'll loose my humanitarian of the year award over that one.

I think I'm going to have to make it a point to see Idol next season.... everyone talks about it and I have no clue what they are talking about.

I wonder if Gracie will let me watch?


Brown's expression when Colbert mentioned things like his "qualifications" for the job and the people waiting on roofs waiting to be rescued, was just he'd just been hit in the head with a baseball bat.

Miz BoheMia

I've never watched American Idol when they truly get into it... I looooveee the beginning when all the crappy people come on and sing... makes for many good laughs. After that, it bores me! Bad bohemian, bad, bad, bad, bohemian!

I am glad to hear Joel is feeling better! There's something really bad going around this year! Everyone I know everywhere is just sick!

Ooooh! Reorganizing! Need help? OCD personalities are great for that stuff! My closet is color coordinated and categorized accordingly as are the hubby's and the kids'! Oooooweeee! ;-P


thank you for blogging AI. because i am so obsessed currently with Battlestar Galactica, i cannot watch network tv. ('cept lost).

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