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30 March 2006



What a picture...I had to laugh out loud! We need to cheer you up! Mexican food? Law & Order reruns? Send the kids and Max away for the weekend? Your wish is my command.

love you


all of the above?? : P

(thank you honey) xoxoxo


Awwwwwww! To the picture and hubby's generosity. Go for the Mexican and have a frozen lime margarita - Sar's orders! :)


What about going for a good movie? :) Or good music? ^__^ or...having funny silly conversation!? (I did all of them when I feel bad and they really help!)

Yeah..everyone can wake up with feeling 'blue'...but..I'm sure a lively lovely person (hmm...little puppy girl) like you will absolutely find ways to deal with it! Besides you have 2 best 'helpers' (bobo and daddy) with!! ;)


We've been feeling a little "off" lately too. I think it's because we're spread all over the place and don't know where home is. A dog has to have a home base.

Apparently TypePad can't handle our "skins", so we're going to probably have to go back to sucky stinkin' lousy blogger, but at the new Poodle City site. Or maybe somewhere else. I just don't know. We're not tekkies - I just want the stinkin' think to work and have all of my blogs and my skins and my dogs and my birds in one place!

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