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24 March 2006



Ah poor Max...maybe he's gone mad, which would account for his constant yipping and would also allow us to call him Mad Max...hahahahahaha! I crack myself up. Puppy prozac for Max or people prozac for us...I vote for the former rather than the latter.

Alas, it's Friday...thank god. Love you


mad max! hahahaha! you crack *me* up, as well! god bless him... he's been a complete wreck today... which means i have too! sigh. oh're right... at least it's the weekend (which means he can drive *you* crazy, too!)

am i exercising right now like the good girl i mean to be? no. no i am not. come home early and exercise with me!! please??? pretty please????

love you, too! xoxoxo


hey, us dogs rule!

{woof, woof, slobber, slobber, ... backacha!}

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