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19 March 2006



Pretty sure BoBo qualifies as one of those pure spirits without resentment...except maybe for the people/animals that were pissing him off so much last night...but by now that's a distant memory in the peaceful mind of the BoBo! Glad you made the jump...I love you!!


bobo's too pure a soul to harbor resentment... and he teaches sophie not to do so, either! she understands the concept "live & let live"... or, in sophie revisionist speak: "blog and let blog".

in other words, screw blogger... she's found a *new* home!

love you, too! xoxox


Sophie! finally found a new home? ^___^ (you should have a house-warming! ;) )

I really like your 'thought for the week'! (I'm not sure whether it's yours or bobo :D)

By the way, I do think both of you are sooo sweet! ;)


So whatcha' doin' over here? This is a cool place. Yes, blogger frustrates us too. Maybe someday, when we get all techie and smart, we'll move to a cool place like this too. But PLEASE just don't run away and lose us. That would make us very sad.


Pictures speak a thousand words... I am quite envious of that dog. I wish I could rest like that. :)

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