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21 March 2006



Yeah, whatever happened to "they don't stay puppies long?" Ours have stayed puppies a pretty darn long time - is it too late to get a refund? The good news is since boy #2 has a girlfriend the pressure is off to some degree in terms of birthday stuff.
love you!


Hey! You're so smart. We are gonna go to typepad too! We started our little blog, but I want to have the design lady move all of our skins over for us. I wish I knew how....

anyway, we're at

come see us soon!

Jom sounds like you (and your family)are going to have a very wonderful day!:D (I'm always happy and excited when hearing something like this :) )

Mommy's cheesy birthday cake sounds very lovely to me! :D (someday I will ask you to ask your mommy to teach me how to make one :D)

And..wish your boy#2 have a happy happy birthday! ^__^


Body art for a birthday gift now that is an idea. :) I am not anti-tattoo by any means, but its just not somehting I would have ever thought of. :) Did he like the idea?

Everytime I see the quotes about them staying in the nest for so long I chuckle to myself. I had a professor who said that children move out too soon and do so because they are insecure. You guys are such good parents that you have such secure young men, luck you! *poke poke poke*

Busy Mom

Happy Birthday #2! Wait, that didn't sound right...

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