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puppytoes aka sophietoes aka sophie, is one of 2 cherished/spoiled tibetan terriers. sophie shares her home with bobo (the other cherished tt), max (a beloved bearded collie), fuzzy-butt (an onery 17 year-old red persian cat), and 4 humans (daddy, mommy, and the 2 big boys). she is a fearless little girl and more than willing to bite the freakin' toes off anyone she finds annoying (tho' she's never actually bit a toe in her life) sophie is the self-appointed alpha member of the household, and believes with all her heart that it's good to be the puppy.


my liberal minded mom is into politics, history, health issues, jogging (or at least walking reallyfar reallyfast), hawaii, riding her bike, skiing (when she can), dancing in the kitchen, chocolate, good mexican food, spending quality time with daddy - especially in bar harbor, and of course spoiling me!

Favorite Movies: a few of mommy's favorites include: the wizard of oz, jaws, roxanne, the matrix, sleeper, duck soup, the philadelphia story, parenthood, butch cassidy & the sundance kid, a christmas story, young frankenstein, the godfather, waiting for guffman, kill bill I and II, monty python and the holy grail, the women

Favorite Music: mommy loves anything by afro celt sound system, the beatles, the beach boys, bare naked ladies, yes, frankie goes to hollywood, traditional hawaiian, celtic ,zydeco, all things motown, classic rock 'n roll, mozart, vivaldi

Favorite Books: mommy is currently reading & enjoying team of rivals by doris kearns goodwin. she loveloveloved: the four agreements, the mastery of love, lies & the lying liars who tell them, straight man, taipan, theodore rex, middlesex, lord of the rings, the amazing adventures of kavalier & clay, alice through the looking glass, lloyd what happened? the truth machine, america the book, skin flutes & velvet gloves